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Lakefield Township Services to the Community
Our Township Hall is one of our greatest assets / services and is free for all of our Lakefield Township residents to use.  It has seen some great improvements and residents are invited to make great use of this fantastic spot for weddings, anniversaries, and social engagements. 

The hall has recently painted and redecorated with many new upgrades!  The hall has a capacity of 100 and the kitchen is fully equipped with everything you and your group will need.  At this time we are looking at improving the ball field for baseball.  We are also looking at building a large pavilion that will include a BBQ area and expanding our playground equipment.

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Lakefield Township, Michigan | Lakefield Township of Luce County MI | Helmer MI Lakefield Township | McMillan and Curtis MI Improvements Build Our Level of Service
We are working on the behalf of our residents in making both our Township Hall and Lakefield Township Community stronger with improvements in many areas.  We are also moving forward with technology with both our website and obtaining new internet services from ATT.  Our Online Tax Search will make it easier for Lakefield residents to have 24/7 access regarding their current property tax information.  This will better serve everyone, both here onsite and throughout the community.

Lakefield Township Advocates
Our Township is advocates for the area.  Through our collection of property taxes we can improve our Township Hall, improve roads, ensure the upkeep of our cemetery, along with attending any necessary meetings that will communicate the concerns of our Township.  We are always looking for ways to improve through listening to our residents ideas or issues.  We are here to ensure that your voice is heard. 

If you wish to speak to one of our board members here at the township, please call (906) 586-6197 to make an appointment.

"Give a book, take a book!"
The Little Free Library is always available for all residents right here at the main entrance of the Township Hall.  Our "Give a book, take a book!" is a great little asset to the community.  We encourage everyone to read some great stories and add some new ones for all to enjoy.

Dump Day - Rain or Shine
Every year on the second Saturday of June from 9am to 4pm, the Lakefield Township Hall offers all residents the opportunity to discard unwanted items for FREE - rain or shine.  Below is a list of what you can bring and what is prohibited:

  • We accept:  mattresses, household items, furniture, steel items, TVs, Computers, Tech Junk, up to 10 tires per household
  • Not accepted:  no batteries, no pesticides

An amazing fact:  Lakefield Township has disposed of 1,000 tires in the last 3 years!  

"Lakefield Township's mission is to serve the citizens of Lakefield Township, maintain infrastructure and promote growth in the community."—Lakefield Township

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