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Lakefield Township Technology Goals
We have reached one of our goals within the realm of technology and that is a new website.  Our new website will enable residents to stay abrupt with important information regarding the township.  Residents will have access to an Online Tax Search, Calendar of Events, Meeting Minutes, Board of Directors, Important Urgent Topics, News, along with Rental Hall information and improvements.

Township is updated there internet provider and moving to ATT for better internet service – moving forward with technology.  This will help our office better provide services to residents.

Lakefield Township Property
Welcome to Lakefield Township goals which we are very excited about.  We are currently planning on fixing our bathrooms during the 2020 winter season.  We will be making the bathrooms handicap accessible, adding all new fixtures, and replacing all of the toilets. At this time, the Township Hall is handicap accessible and once the bathroom is complete, it will be at 100%.

As soon as weather permits, our Bell Tower will have a new look.  We have been given a bell from the Mark’s School, donated by Gary Mark for the Township Hall use.  It has already been refurbished with new paint and will be hung in the spring of 2020.  This will add to the nostalgia and the completed look of the hall.

Proposed property updates are all on the table right now.  At this time we are looking at improving the ball field for baseball.  We are also looking at building a large pavilion.  This this will allow for more outdoor activities when renting the hall.  Ideas for pavilion use include a BBQ area which will be a great addition to the community. 

We also plan to add picnic tables and expand our existing playground equipment.  Please view map below for details.

Lakefield Township Cemetery Plans
In the spring of 2020, the township will be investing in a new fence which will be a three rail vinyl fencing to go along the roadway – the east Lakefield and west Lakefield sides of the cemetery.  This is being done to improve the property and help keep the snowmobilers out.  In the past, we have had snowmobilers mistakenly ride through without being aware of this mishap.

"Lakefield Township's mission is to serve the citizens of Lakefield Township, maintain infrastructure and promote growth in the community."—Lakefield Township

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